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Dear Applicant,
We are a National Placement Service that represents quality household staff. Our dedicated professionals will work with you to help you find employment that meets your qualifications and expectations. There is no charge to you for this service. Potential employers often have more than one home and represent many different areas of our society: Elected Government Officials, Business Owners, CEOs, Movie Stars, Celebrities, and busy Professionals.

Applications are available on our web site under Employment Application. Please complete as completely as possible. You can either print them off or send them by email. We also will need your photograph, a copy of your driver’s license, copies of any written references, etc. We normally require two years of experience in the same household or professional training from our Institute in order to represent you to our wealthy clients.

Realizing that you are probably seeking immediate employment, we will try to process your paperwork as quickly as possible. Remember, however, that the process begins with you! Make sure your application is filled out completely. Your application is often our only opportunity to get to know you, especially because we don’t always have the chance to meet with you in person.

Read instructions carefully. Where the application asks for employment history, for example, do not write, “See resume.”

  • Answer all questions thoroughly.
  • Write legibly. Phone calls requesting clarification of a phone number or name slow the process.
  • Be sure the phone numbers and addresses of references (both business and professional) are complete and accurate.
  • You may send your application by mail, or E-mail to
  • Don’t ask us to visit “your web site”. This is not professional. The information that we need is on our applications.
  • Every line left blank on an application sends a message: anything from “I don’t follow instructions” to “I can’t be bothered to complete this.” Don’t let your application send these types of messages. Make the impressions you give, be positive ones.

Upon receipt of your completed packet, we will check all of your references and conduct a complete background investigation to ready you for potential employment. However, please remember that we do require two years of experience in one wealthy home full-time or training from our Institute in order to represent you.

PLEASE NOTE: Jobs that are posted are for those applicants who are legally able and who are currently living in the United States. We usually have numerous jobs available at any given time for qualified applicants. However, we do not discuss any positions available with anyone until they have an approved application on file with us.

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