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These are companies or publications that we highly recommend.

Food and Cooking

The Baker's Catalog Professional Domestic Services & Institute loves products from The Baker’s Catalog! Any Personal Chef or Household Manager who cooks will love their splendid array of products, including baking ingredients, appliances, bakeware, cookbooks, and more.

Blue Jacket Dairy They offer some of the best Grentna Grillin cheese that you have ever eaten. Just slice a piece off and put it in a hot skillet…brown on both sides…then enjoy it with a piece of fruit. Yummy! They will ship. 937-292-7327.

Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates creates some of the most exciting chocolate covered, designer art, caramel candy you have ever experienced, or that has ever graced a candy dish. These and other candies ooze with such tantalizing flavors such as passion fruit, espresso, etc. Their phone number is 816-842-1300.

Food Saver I have been purchasing and using their products for over 30 years. This is the best and safest way to store short term food in the refrigerator, or up to three years in the freezer.

Live-a-Little Chocolates For some of the best Belgium chocolate, caramel, and fresh pecans you have ever experienced, you need to try their turtles. One will not be enough! 513-678-6780.

Meduri World Delights Offer some of the most fantastic preserved/dried fruit you will ever eat. Golden Blush Peaches that you will swear that you just picked off the tree; apples, blueberries, rainier cherries, Cinnamon Fuji apple wedges, and many others. You will not be disappointed. 1.877.388.8800.

More Than Gourmet Provides a full line of Demi-Glace and other products in a variety of sizes to meet your cooking needs.

Gardening & Landscaping

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. is nationally recognized as a leader in creating spiritual and holistic sanctuaries. Their work has been featured in dozens of articles, books and magazines, including “Fine Gardening” and the “American Horticulturalist” and has won top international design awards. They are available to work nationwide. (330) 375-9600.!

Garden Gate Magazine At Professional Domestic Services & Institute, we turn to Garden Gate Magazine for great landscaping ideas for domestic staff (especially Household Managers and Estate Managers) to use in their employers’ homes. Build the perfect garden, create gorgeous outdoor rooms—just a few uses for this great magazine for professional household staff!

Logee's Logee’s is a must for domestic staff and household staff seeking gorgeous, unique, and exotic plants, flowers, and trees for the estate. Estate Managers and Household Managers in particular will find Logee’s a great resource for all their gardening needs.

Longshadow Specializes in high quality, dry cast limestone LONGSHADOW planters, pedestals, finials, benches, figures and fountains.

Lunaform Makes concrete containers reminiscent of antiques, but with a modern flair.

Home Management

Martha Stewart Living Magazine Long recognized as the authority on domestic arts, Martha Stewart brings her expertise to butlers, household managers, and housekeepers in her magazine. This is a publication that should be required reading for butlers and housestaff everywhere.

Stone Care International Stone Care International is the authority for the care of marble, granite, and other types of floor and counter materials in the wealthy household. Their products are an absolute must for any Housekeeper, Maid, Butler, Household Manager, or other domestic staff caring for their employers’ valuable surfaces.

Rowenta Irons You won’t find any more powerful garment care products than those offered by Rowenta. Professional Domestic Services & Institute has long recommended Rowenta irons for the use in wealthy homes, and any Housekeeper, Maid, Butler, or Household Manager will find nearly the Rowenta line unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Cuddledown Bed Linens Cuddledown not only has the softest and most heavenly comforters, pillows, featherbeds, and other bedding supplies imaginable, but they also have delightful lines of sleepwear and bath linens. Personal Assistants, Household Managers, and other housestaff in charge of purchasing will delight their employers with this company’s feasts for the senses!

Mystic Maid No domestic staff—whether you are a Housekeeper, Maid, Butler, or Household Manager—should overlook the power of MysticMaid cleaning supplies. Professional Domestic Services & Institute loves this company’s microfiber cleaning cloths, and MysticMaid’s dazzling array of high-quality cleaning products—such as their polishing pads, grease blotters, and dusting wands—will make quick and thorough work of many cleaning tasks.


Hidden Safes, Inc. If you are seeking the best possible place in order to hide your valuables, then you need to check this company out. They have wonderful suggestions.

Office Supplies

Jackson-Hirsh Jackson-Hirsh can provide your estate with a large array of lamination supplies and equipment that will meet almost any size or finish required. Great for cleaning schedules, freezer contents, electrical equipment, preserving documents, luggage tags, shipping labels, etc. This is a great company to work with and they will even send you out a sample package and catalog at no charge. Their phone number is 800-828-5053 or 847-272-1844.


Homework Solutions Provides nanny payroll and tax preparation services nationwide. 800-626-4829

Stained Glass

Beau Verre/Riordan Stained Glass Studio Need a priceless piece of broken glass art repaired? Seeking a gorgeous embellishment for a window or front door? BeauVerre Studios both repairs and provides breathtakingly beautiful works of art in glass that would delight any employer of Household Managers, Personal Assistants, and Estate Managers. Whether you need a repair or to make a purchase, BeauVerre Studios may have just what you need!

Domestic Uniforms

Gloves-Online This company offers a wide variety of gloves for nearly every purpose. For Housekeepers and Maids, they supply work gloves to protect hands while cleaning. For Butlers, Household Managers, and Personal Assistants, they offer white cotton gloves that lend elegance and complete a formal uniform as well as preventing the transfer of fingerprints to polished silver or glass.
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